Trade Stomil

About us

Trade-Stomil Ltd has more than 40 years of the tradition of foreign and home trade in the widely understood rubber sector.

In the 70ties and 80ties of the previous century we belonged to CIECH – Foreign Trade Organization, which handled all foreign commercial operations and activities of the whole Polish chemical industry. Within CIECH holding organization, the activity of Ciech-Stomil Division was mainly concentrated on export of wide range of Polish rubber products, such as tires, conveyor belts, rubber hoses, v-belts, rubber boots and others, being marketed and promoted worldwide under the Polish brand STOMIL.

The company was also engaged in feedstock imports for numerous factories of rubber industrial sector in Poland, being specialized in natural and synthetic rubbers, chemicals and petrochemicals used in the processes of vulcanization and polymerization of rubber. The scale and dynamics of these activities in those years have put the company into the position of stable partner and supplying source for this range of rubber products, have created also a solid base for the constant presence of these products in different countries all over the world, including EU up till today.

The economic changes in Poland in the early 90-ties let the transformation of Ciech-Stomil Division into an independent and autonomous private company with limited liability, which since 2003 runs its activity under the name of Trade-Stomil Ltd. The shareholders of the Company are both companies of rubber sector as well as private capital.

The diversification of commercial activities in recent years, despite the changes in the Company’s ownership structure, has not influenced its commercial profile, focused on cooperation in foreign trade, specially in its traditional rubber assortments. The main line of these activities lies today in import and distribution of tires, the brands of which belong to well known tire manufactures like NOKIAN or TOYO. In frame of this activity the company, acting as Nokian partner and masterfranchiser, has participated in construction tire service network under VIANOR brand all over Poland.

Another, but traditional business activity is imports, distribution and reexports of rubber raw materials like natural rubber and latex, synthetic rubber, rubber auxiliary agents and chemicals being used by Polish manufacturers of rubber products.

The range of our business has not been only limited to above mentioned trade activities. Taking advantage of our knowledge, business contacts and being familiar with foreign markets we also offer our logistic and agency services both for Polish and foreign companies, granting them simultaneously a good service and security of conducted foreign transactions.